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Our new larger workshop has been specially designed to suit our needs, and is well equipped. It is run by Martin Restall, who has over 30 years experience as a maker and repairer. All types of repair and restoration work can be undertaken, and all stock instruments receive a thorough overhaul before being offered for sale.

Martin Restall in the workshopWe work to high standards and cannot over emphasise the importance of this. Good quality work is essential in preserving and maintaining the value of instruments.

Martin Restall in the workshopEqually important is fine quality setting up work. Many good instruments are let down by poor fittings. This can cause permanent damage, but at least means that the instrument will not work to its full potential, and may be difficult to play. We have a reputation for high quality setting up. We play and adjust every instrument on completion of this work to ensure it gives of its best.

Wherever possible, please telephone and pre-book repair work, as this reduces waiting times.

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