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  2. Instruments on approval
  3. Instrument valuations
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Our Committment

This business has been established for 33 years and is soundly based on trust, respect for our customers and a love of the instruments we work with. We spend much time sourcing the best value instruments and bows, and more time putting them into good playing order so they are reliable, work well and are pleasing to use. We enjoy what we do and so do not cut corners.

Our repair work has an excellent reputation with many customers travelling long distances. Musicians working abroad often wait until they are in the area to have their instruments maintained, such is the trust we have built up.

Whether you are buying, selling or using our workshop services we will treat you fairly because we value your trust in us.


Instruments on approval

 We are more than happy for customers to take instruments or bows on one week’s approval. A signed undertaking must be given to return or pay for the goods within seven days. Instruments must be collected and returned in person from our business premises. We can arrange very low cost insurance for the duration of the approval period.


Instrument valuations

Written valuations can be supplied for insurance or probate. We need the instrument for 24 hours (longer if research is necessary), and the appointment must be pre-booked.

The cost is £50.00 +vat for three items max. ( eg Violin Bow and Case) up to a value of £5000. Thereafter the cost increases by 0.5% of the value above £5000.


Sales on commission

Certain instruments may be accepted for sale on a commission basis. These will usually be good quality instruments which are in good condition and in demand. The charge for sale is 25% of the price achieved + vat. Work to the instrument may be required prior to it being offered for sale. A quote will first be given.


Instruments Purchased

We are always looking for interesting instruments to purchase. If you have an old Violin, Viola, Cello or bow you wish to dispose of, let us make you a fair offer.


Part exchange

We are happy to take any instrument which we have sold in part-exchange for another, providing it has been properly maintained. Instruments not supplied by us will be considered on their merit.

It is impossible to predict accurately part - exchange prices, but the better instruments will retain more or all of their value.

For all older Violins, Violas and Cellos purchased from us we give this guarantee: We will allow all of the original purchase price, less the cost of any work to return it to its condition as purchased, providing:

  1. The instrument has been properly maintained in accordance with our advice and recommended yearly inspections.
  2. The value of the part exchange is not more than 50% of the purchase price of the next instrument.

Only one instrument will be taken in part - exchange against another.




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