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We cannot over emphasize the importance of the correct set up of a Viola. The work must be carried out by an experienced Violin maker in order that the instrument fulfills both its playing and tonal potential.

All our Violas are carefully set up and adjusted in our workshop.

New Violas (Instrument only)

Listed below are the new Violas which form the corner stones of our range. In addition we regularly buy other German and Chinese instruments at various prices and sizes depending on availability. Please telephone for details.

viola VAH1Model VAG1

This Chinese Viola is excellent value for money. It is set up in our workshop and fitted with Dominant strings. Available in very small sizes for young students.
Suitable for around Grade 6 level

Available in 14”, 15” and in 15 ½ ”

Price £895

viola VAG1

viola VAG2Model VAG2

This Viola is made to a high standard in China. It has an antiqued finish and a very good quality of sound. Set up in our workshop and fitted with Dominant strings.
Suitable for around Grade 7 level

Available in 15 ½ ” and 16”

Price £1,300

viola VAG2

Jay Haide violaJay Haide

A handmade Chinese instrument of high quality, superb antiqued varnish and very good sound. Set up in our workshop and fitted with Evah Pirazzi strings.

Suitable for around grade 8 level

Available 15 ½ ” and 16”

Price £1,925

Jay Haide viola

viola by Restelli BravuraRestelli Bravura

From our own range of specially selected new instruments. Beautifully hand made to a very high standard in a respected Beijing workshop. Very convincing antiqued varnish and a fine sound.

Suitable post Grade 8

Available 15 ¾” (other sizes to order)

Price £2,350

viola by Restelli Bravura

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Older Violas

We keep an extensive range of older Violas from around £3,000

Our stock is constantly changing and only a few examples can be listed below to give a flavour of what we have to offer.


Viola MS1112MS1179

Viola by Schmidt & Co Saxony c1900

15 ¾”

Price £2,250

Viola MS1179

Viola MS983Viola MS983

Viola of German make from the Löwendall workshop c1880

15 ¾”

Price £3,800

Viola MS983

Viola MS974Viola MS974

An English Viola c1840

15 ⅝”

Price £5750

Viola MS974

Viola MS483Viola MS483

Viola by Martin Restall 1983. Modelled after Amati

15 ¾”

Price £6,250

Viola MS483

Viola MSC1258Viola MSC1258

Viola by Simon Peters (Brussels 2004)

16 3/16”

Price £7,850

Viola MSC1258

Viola MS946Viola MS946

Viola of Italian make by Petrus Sgarabotto 1937

15 ¾”

Price (P.O.A.)

Viola MS946