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We cannot over emphasize the importance of the correct set up of a Cello. The work must be carried out by an experienced Violin maker in order that the instrument fulfills both its playing and tonal potential.

All our Cellos are carefully set up and adjusted in our workshop
Cellos on display at Restalls Ltd


New Cellos (Instrument only)

We keep a comprehensive range of new Cellos as we find them to be particularly good value when compared to similarly priced older instruments.

Cello model CSP2Model CSP2

This instrument is a well made and good sounding Chinese instrument. The varnish is an attractive chestnut brown colour. Solid ebony fingerboard and pegs. Integral tailpiece tuner and Larsen strings. Final set up in our workship.

Suitable for around Grade 6 level.

Available 4/4

Price £1,775

Cello model CSP2 back

Cello model CB3Model CB3

A good quality hand built intstrument at a reasonable price. Antiqued finish. Set up with integral tailpiece tuner and Jargar strings.

Price £2,850

Cello model CB3 back

Haide celloHaide cello

A handmade Chinese instrument of high quality, superb antiqued varnish and very good sound. Set up in our workshop and fitted with Larsen strings.

Suitable for around grade 8 level

Price £3,750

Haide cello - back

Restelli Bravura celloRestelli Bravura

From our own range of specially selected new instruments. Beautifully hand made to a very high standard in a respected Beijing workshop. Very convincing antiqued varnish and a fine sound. Modelled after Montagnana or Stradivari

Suitable for post grade 8 level

Price £3,850

Restelli Bravura cello - back

Special Beijing celloSpecial Beijing Cello

This instrument was made to a very high standard in Beijing from European Tonewood. It was varnished in our workshop with one of the finest oil varnishes available and set up with integral tailpiece tuner and Larsen strings.

Price £7,500

Special Beijing cello

Older Cellos

Listed below are a few Cellos from our selection of older instruments.


German CelloMS1136 Cello of German make c1900

Price £5,500

German Cello back

French Barzoni Cello c1900MS969

French Barzoni Cello c1900

Price £5,500


French Cello from the Laberte workshopMSC1310

French Cello from the Laberte workshop

Price £15,000

French Cello from the Laberte workshop

Cello by Joseph Hill c1750Cello by Joseph Hill London c1770

 Later varnish

Price P.O.A.

Joseph Hill of London back

Cello of French makeMSC1301

Cello of French make c1770

Bocquay school

A fine cello

Price P.O.A.

Cello of French make back